What types of loans and short-term loans do we have?


A short-term loan is useful if you need a smaller amount of money, usually in the order of thousands of crowns. This type of loan is offered by both banks and various non-banking companies.

Get a short-term loan within minutes

Get a <a href=short-term loan within minutes” />

For non-banking companies, you can often get a short-term loan within minutes online. In this case, however, check your creditor carefully. The Internet is just teeming with offers from different companies, but not all are fair. Take some time to research references and compare lenders.

Maturity of non-banking companies


The maturity of non-banking companies usually ranges from five days to one month. On the Sean Cole website you can check the maturity, loan amount, interest and fees using a loan calculator. Sean Cole also offers you the first free loan (up to 8 thousand, if all conditions are met).

Example of the first loan: USD 5,000 for a maturity of 30 days, annual interest rate 0%, APR 0%, repayment amount USD 5,000. The total amount payable is USD 5,000. Upon conclusion of the contract, the client is sent USD 1 for identification.

Example of repeated loan: USD 7,000, maturity of 30 days, annual interest rate 279.8%, APR 1141.2%, repayment amount USD 8,610. The total amount payable is USD 8,610. These examples apply only to the product without an extension of the due date and with proper repayment. Sean Cole Finance sro reserves the right to review the credit application. There is no legal entitlement to the loan.

If you opt for a short-term loan from a bank, the process will take a little longer and you may need to come directly to the branch. The criteria for acquisition are also somewhat stricter in most banks. The minimum maturity of the bank is often around six months.

So when to opt for a short-term loan ?:

So when to opt for a <a href=short-term loan ?:” />

  • If you only need a lower amount of money for a short time
  • When you do not owe a long time and you are able to quickly repay the loan
  • If you don’t want to guarantee anything

A long-term loan is characterized by a longer maturity. For non-banking companies it is six months to several years, for banks usually more than five years. In this case, you can borrow a larger sum of money, but you will most likely have to show what you want to use the money for.

Also this time your person’s screening will be more thorough. Examples of long-term loans include mortgage loans, special-purpose loans for car, housing, renovation, etc.

People without a stable income should not apply for this type of loan as long-term regular repayment could be a problem for them.

Short-term or long-term loan

Short-term or long-term loan

Finally, the last advice. Whether you choose a short-term or long-term loan, whether you choose a banking or non-banking company, always think twice whether you need to borrow at all and whether you are subsequently able to repay the amount.
We wish you good luck!