Real Estate Loans


The Cashlowd company specialized in non-bank loans granted against real estate, which even people with bad credit history can apply for. The condition, however, to apply for a loan is to run your own business. The loan amount is granted according to the individual needs of entrepreneurs. It’s about paying off all our debts. As a result, instead of regulating amounts owed to several banks or non-bank companies, the Mortgage becomes the only company we have to give away money. The lender is a member of the Conference of Financial Enterprises and is also listed in the Register of Loan Companies kept by the Association of Loan Companies. Further illustration at

Mortgage – reviews

Mortgage - reviews

Real estate loans on the non-bank loan market distinguish not only the financial product straight from the bank offer (mortgage loan), but also the approach to the client. Everybody can count on financial support, including people who have a leg to pay their debts and have a negative credit history in the Credit Information Bureau or they appear as a debtor in BIG databases. In the case of applying for money by persons running a business, the company does not require any certificates from the tax office. The great advantage of obtaining financing with a real estate loan is security – when signing the contract a notary is present. Customers also appreciate the possibility of so-called grace period, i.e. suspension of installment repayment, which is a solution to temporary problems with the settlement of monthly payments. The offer is addressed even to people who have problems with the bailiff. The reliability and credibility of the brand is confirmed by the certificate of the Responsible Lender issued by the Loan Magazine service. On the plus side, there is also a quick possibility to settle debts – the whole process takes up to 48 hours. Disadvantages? In order to take advantage of a real estate loan, we must have a property with no encumbrances.

Mortgage – formalities

Mortgage - formalities

In order to apply for a real estate loan, it was necessary to decide on the form of a pledge. As a pledge, we can choose a property, i.e. a flat, house, plot, agricultural land or commercial premises. We must have the number of the land and mortgage register. Then we contact the Customer Service by phone and arrange a meeting with an adviser. If the offer seems advantageous to us, we sign the contract in the presence of a notary public. We had 12 months to repay the debt, but we can both give back the money earlier, as well as extend the time for repayment. In the case of temporary problems with repayment, it is also possible to use the so-called grace period, i.e. suspension of installments. These activities do not involve any additional costs.