15,000 Euros to Consolidate other Loan – Ingenious – from Just 130 Euros a Month


With a € 15,000 loan, consumers have the opportunity to increase their financial flexibility. Loans at this level can also be used for various purchases. In addition, rescheduling and the compensation of overdrawn accounts are possible. See angsecyp.org for a write-up

For installment loans of 15000 euros consumers have many different lenders available. A credit comparison is advisable with this loan amount.

Conventional branch banks – 15000 euro credit

Conventional branch banks - 15000 euro credit

Consumers are happy to advise, especially with higher loan amounts. These consultations are offered at conventional branch banks. Consumers who require a loan of € 15,000 agree on a consultation appointment with a branch bank or at their house bank. As a rule, the last two or three salary statements, current account statements and a valid ID card are required for the consultation.

If the loan is requested from the house bank, the applicant only has to bring along a pass. All other data is stored in the computer of the bank. With a loan amount of 15,000 euros, a comprehensive credit check is carried out. A private credit information is also obtained. With negative features in the private credit reject many branch banks from a credit. If the private credit is positive and the creditworthiness is insufficient, the applicant can offer the bank collateral.

Banks usually accept different personal or physical security.

High installment loans with credit

High installment loans with credit

Loans up to 10000 Euros are usually secured with the attachable part of the salary. If the salary is not sufficient, which is quite possible with a loan of 15,000 euros, banks need additional collateral. In the case of so-called unsecured securities, applicants can offer the bank fixed savings deposits, life and annuity insurance policies, shares or real estate assets. If these securities are not available, co-applicants and guarantors are often accepted.

Co-applicants may be spouses or partners. Especially married people often have to take a loan together. Anyone who is not married or lives as a single can name the bank a guarantor. As a guarantor, close relatives or acquaintances may be considered. A guarantor is often checked more intensively by a bank than the borrower himself. Guarantors and co-applicants are normally liable on their own.

In the case of a direct liability, no judicial dunning procedure must be awaited in the event of a loan default.

Internet – easy credit comparison

Internet - easy credit comparison

More and more consumers are turning to loans from the internet. These installment loans are provided by online or direct banks at good credit conditions. As there are now many banks offering loans on the internet, the market for consumers is not easy to overlook. Helping to find a cheap online loan is a credit portal for consumer credit. These portals are equipped with easy-to-use loan calculators that enable a clear credit comparison.

Consumers can compare loans at Creditend from 500 to 120,000 euros. Credit rates of 12 to 144 months are possible. For a credit comparison, the net loan amount, the desired term and the purpose are entered into the calculator. Immediately, a list of banks offering a 15000 euro loan appears. For a simple comparison, the offers of the banks contain various information.

In the offers, the consumer learns the bank name, important product details, the monthly rate, the fixed borrowing rate and the APR.

15000 Euro credit – Apply online

15000 Euro credit - Apply online

As soon as a consumer has found the suitable loan offer for his purposes, it is redirected to the bank’s website. The loan application for a € 15,000 loan is made online at these online and direct banks. Since the loan amount and the desired term are already known, first the personal data of the applicant are required. The bank uses this data to obtain private credit information.

Depending on the scoring, a provisional commitment or a rejection will be made. If the applicant receives a commitment, the bank needs the latest salary statements and often current bank statements. These credit documents are sent either by post or as an upload to the bank. The legitimacy of the applicant is made by post or video identification. In both cases a valid ID is required. If the applicant passes the final credit check, the 15,000 euro loan can be paid out.

Personal loan – an alternative to installment credit

Personal loan - an alternative to installment credit

Not every applicant is serviced by conventional branch banks or by online and direct banks. Often, the credit rating is insufficient or the private credit information is negative. These consumers can turn to a credit marketplace with their loan request. Credit marketplaces are Internet portals that bring together private investors and loan seekers. The operators of the portal act as intermediaries.

Creditend’s credit marketplace is one of the largest portals of its kind. Consumers can request loans from 1,000 to 50,000 euros on the portal. Long credit periods of up to 144 months are also possible. If you ask Creditend for a 15000 Euro loan, you can also specify a second applicant. This increases the chances of a quick financing. Applicants with hard negative features in their private credit information are rejected at Creditend.

Personal loan – Application in a few steps

Personal loan - Application in a few steps

As on the credit portal of Creditend on the credit market place the loan calculator is served. After entering the key data for the 15000 Euro loan, a preliminary loan offer will be displayed. Applicants can immediately put a tick on this page for a second applicant. In the next step, the personal data of the applicant are queried and a private credit information is obtained. The application will be finalized with the correct information on the monthly income and expenditure.

The salary statements of the applicant are usually not checked. If all required information is available, the loan application will be presented to the lenders. The private financiers and selected financial institutions can now submit loan offers. The applicant can choose a loan offer. The loan agreement is issued by a bank. The requested loan will be paid after the return of the contract.

Large selection of lenders – credit comparison

Large selection of lenders - credit comparison

Loans of € 15,000 are provided by many conventional banks as well as online and direct banks. However, these credit offers are often available only with a good credit rating and a positive private credit. Consumers with poorer credit requirements can apply for credit on credit marketplaces or credit agencies. Due to the higher default risk, a 15,000 euro loan is always a bit more expensive for these lenders. Since there are many different lenders offering this amount, a loan comparison is profitable.